NC Tennis Hall of Fame

The North Carolina Tennis Hall of Fame was established in 1975 to honor those who, by excellence of their activities connected with North Carolina Tennis, have brought substantial recognition and esteem to themselves and the State.  The Hall of Fame is located in Greensboro at the Harold T. and Mildred Southern Tennis Center.  

Inductees into the North Carolina Tennis Hall of Fame are unanimously selected each year by the North Carolina Tennis Hall of Fame Council.  

The Hall of Fame membership is made up of 3 different classifications:  ​

                                               1. Players

                                              2. Coaches

                                              3. Ambassadors.

To nominate an individual for the NC Tennis Hall of Fame, please submit an NC Tennis Hall of Fame Application.

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Players are honored based on their high level of play, their longevity of competing and their commitment to the sport of tennis in North Carolina and beyond.


Coaches are recognized as outstanding teachers of the game to students of all levels throughout North Carolina.


Ambassadors are inducted for the contribution of their time, energy and knowledge for the betterment of the sport throughout North Carolina.


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