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Thank you to everyone that has donated to the North Carolina Tennis Foundation (NCTF)! Your donations have supported us in our journey to making tennis accessible and available across North Carolina. 

The Levels of Giving are the following: Legacy Builder, President, Slam, Champion, and Volley. All of the levels of giving go towards the NCTF and support various effort to reach out across North Carolina to draw players to tennis through grants, scholarships and NJTLs. Click here to learn more about our impact. 


Scroll to learn more about our current donors in each category and about how you can donate to the NCTF. 

Meet our Legacy Builders

Legacy Builders are committed to the growth of NC Tennis players for generations to come. Legacy Builders have given planned endowment gifts to the NCTF as well as donated more that $50,000 to support the NCTF. Thank you to our legacy builders for your support of the NCTF and setting the stage for future tennis players!

President Level

President level givers have donated from $25,000 - $49,999 to support the NCTF. Thank you to all of our President Level donors!

Slam Level

Slam level donors have given from $10,000 - $24,999 to the NCTF. Thank you Slam members for your contributions!

Interested in the Levels of Giving Program?

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